Created in the Spring/Summer of 2012, Lords of the Big Ring (LoBR) became a group of athletes either training for specific races, or simply working out on Long Island. Though we began by friend introducing friend, we few utilized Social Media and began networking ‘workout meet-ups’ on Long Island. As a result, we now have members of both sexes, and various ages residing in locations such as New York, Texas, and California.

From shared sunrises, shared workouts, shared beers, and (of course) shared races, we have grown from a group of random individuals to a team competing nationally (RAW). Other Races for 2013 are Tour of Battenkill, Race Across the West (RAW), Mighty North Fork Triathlon, and Ironman Timberman at Lake Winnipesaukee (each race has a portion of the team competing together as a unit). In 2014, our main goal will be RAAM, Race Across America, a 10 day race covering 3,000 miles. It surely will be our greatest challenge.

Our goal or purpose is to ride hard, explore Long Island, and push to the next level! We do not judge, we ride. We share small, simple moments that help slow the pace of life a bit. And in that alone, I think our true goal of escaping is fulfilled.


Besides being a cycling team, we have partnered with a non-profit organization called Summer Hope. It is an award winning organization that has helped countless people in New York and across the country. Donations help fund various cancer research programs, but Summer Hope also has internal programs which seek to provide moments of ‘hope to those who must endure the cancer experience.’

Tangible examples are the providing of a limousine and Broadway show tickets to a young girl with eye cancer. With said provisions, both her and her family were able to go and see The Lion King, known to be a very visual and vivid production.

The Summer Hope Foundation is not your typical non-profit organization. It is 100% volunteer driven, and managed by an extended network of family and friends, each who have been touched by cancer. Anchored by a resolution of ‘providing enough moments of hope while enduring the battle against cancer, that one day, one tomorrow, that person will be cancer free’ truly expresses the personal nature of the organization.

For those who might have been touched by cancer or for those who simply like the idea of helping provide small moments of joy for families or individuals battling cancer, please feel free to make a 75% Tax-Deductible donation at,

We look forward to raising money for such a worthy cause, while also being ambassadors for our sponsor, CycleOps. And of course, thank YOU in advance for any donations.